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Yukon Solitaire – Objective

Like most Solitaire games, Yukon requires you to slide all of the cards from the Tableau onto the four foundation piles. The Foundations are sorted by suit and rank; each Foundation contains one suit, and the cards must be arranged in ascending order beginning with the Ace. In Yukon Solitaire, there are only two kinds of heaps.

Goal and Rules

Yukon Solitaire aims to transfer all cards from Ace to King in the same suit to the four Foundation piles.

The Arrangement

All cards are dealt with the layout using a single deck. There are seven columns. Starting with 0 faces down in the first column, each Column is dealt one more face down card than the preceding Column. Columns two through seven are then dealt six more face-up cards.

Foundations are constructed “Up” and “In suit,” beginning with an Ace and finishing with a King. For example, a 2 of Clubs can be put on an Ace of Clubs, followed by a 3 – 10, J, Q, and so on up to the K of Clubs. The same may be said for the other suits.

Strategy + Tips

  • The more cards in play (face up), the better the Yukon Solitaire strategy. As a result, wherever feasible, it is critical to uncover face-down cards.
  • Instead of looking at the bottommost cards in columns, proceed backward from the cards you wish to move. Begin with cards that, if moved, will reveal face-down cards.
  • Make an effort to clear out one or two columns so that Kings might be put into them. So, early in the game, prioritize clearing one of the first 1-3 Columns.
  • If you can’t make a move that will reveal a face-down card, concentrate on movements that will reveal cards that can be transferred to a Foundation.
  • When feasible, try to lay the foundations in synchrony.
  • Because only Kings can fill vacant columns, cleaning away more columns than are required for the Kings might be wasteful.